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Your new same day courier in London

Abetta Couriers has moved into London. We’re currently setting into our new headquarters in the up and coming area of Hoxton. The move came about as a result of our commercial success coupled with our expansion plans, so it marks a very exciting time for us.

Apart from adding the new address to your contacts list, nothing else will change from your point-of-view. We’ll continue to provide the same high quality courier service in London and Hertfordshire, so if you need a same day courier in London or express courier service in Hertfordshire, you can rest assured your package will arrive safely and on time.

What has changed is the buzz in the office that has resulted from the move. Not only are we now in a position to recruit new staff, but we’re now based in the middle of one of the most interesting and vibrant areas of London. Read more »

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How to package a painting?

This is a question we hear time after timedelivering a painting and comes in along with the requests for other special deliveries and parcels. If how do I deliver a painting is one of the questions that you find yourself asking then look no further, here are our top tips on how to package a painting.

Painting Couriers

At Abetta Couriers, we often work closely with museums and galleries. These are businesses that regularly handle fragile goods of all shapes, sizes and weights. You can understand then why their main requirement is safety. Imagine paying several thousand pounds for a painting or sculpture, only to find that it is in some way damaged or broken in transit. How can you ensure that this won’t happen and make sure that your work remains intact upon delivery?

Double Layers – Palette Wrap and Cardboard layers.

Despite safety being our main concern, there are always unexpected bumps in roads that cannot be predicted. Therefore we always recommend to everyone that you always use double layers especially if you are planning to deliver a painting. We often hear of people using single layers in their packaging but remember that everything essentially works like a shock absorber; the more material you have around your painting the less likely damage will occur. We would strongly recommend double wrapping your painting in palette wrapping before encasing it with a layer of cardboard padding. This provides a good base in which to protect your art and will prevent any indents that bubble wrap or others might cause.
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You care about the environment and do everythingGreen Courier Company in your power to make sure your business is as green and eco-friendly as possible. Fortunately it is now possible to extend your green credentials beyond the workplace when using external services for example when delivering parcels or packages. Gone are the days when you would have to entrust your deliveries to courier firms which paid no regard to the environment – today many courier companies boast strong environmental credentials.

Here is a quick guide to how you should choose a green courier company:

  • Look out for accreditations. At Abetta Couriers we are one of only a small number of couriers to have been awarded ISO certification. We were thrilled in 2013 to be awarded ISO9001 and ISO14001 accreditation for “Quality Management” and the “Environment”. The latter proves that we have set up an effective environmental management system and provides assurance to staff and customers that our environmental impact is constantly measured and improved. Our ISO9001 accreditation relates to our success in meeting the criteria for a quality management system.

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Like everything at the moment, the modern courier is changing as a result of technological growth; both accessibility and general enhancements wise. When people hear the words ‘new technology’ the focus of their attention is fixated on how they can use this new innovation rather than be concerned with the accessibility of new technology.

Delivery Estimates

Year on year, delivery times are shrinking to the extent that in 2018 we could see our first instant courier delivery? Like something out of Star Trek where the parcel is beamed into the office upon purchase. Although that is in jest the point remains the same – how far can a logistics company push their couriers. With a shorter delivery time comes a higher risk of an angry, impatient customer which no one wants, especially the messenger as they’re often in the firing line. Amazon rolled out their new campaign in 2015 of providing delivery within the hour on certain goods (within select areas). Read more »

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At Abetta Couriers we like to set the standard for courier services in the central London, north London and Hertfordshire areas. To this end we provide our customers with a responsive, fast and personal service. Our delivery vehicles are all branded and reliable; there’s no point providing a delivery service if you can’t guarantee your vehicle making it from A to B. We therefore make sure our fleet is up-to-date, reliable and efficient.
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It doesn’t matter how great your product looks, tastes or feels when it leaves your business premises the only thing the customer is interested in is what state it’s in when it turns up on their doorstep.

Fragile Deliveries















It is therefore vitally important that not only do you choose a courier company which is fast and efficient but also one which respects your goods and takes a pride in delivering them in perfect condition. However having earmarked such a company it’s also vitally important that you play your part by making sure all goods are carefully and securely packaged. This is particularly true of delicate items and below we have come up with our 10 top tips to help you package fragile items effectively:

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History of courier services

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Courier services have come a long way since the days when guaranteeing a speedy delivery could only be achieved by entrusting an individual to run goods to their destination. Indeed, the word courier originates from the Latin “currere” which means to run. The first documented organised courier service dates back to 2400 BC when runners in Ancient Egypt would courier documents carved into stone.

One of the most famous couriers is, of course, the Greek messenger who having fought in the Battle of Marathon then ran 26 miles to Athens to let his fellow Greeks know about the victory. After his exertions, he collapsed and died but his memory lived on in the Olympic Marathon which originated from his infamous 26-mile run.

In addition to humans, a wide variety of animals have been pressed into service in a bid to deliver documents and packages in a speedy, efficient manner. Homing pigeons, dogs, horses and even camels have all played their part in the history of courier services. Read more »

The importance of same-day delivery in today's world

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We are in a fast moving world! With trains that can travel from London to Paris in 2 hours in just two hours, and mobile phones that are now equipped with super-fast processors which make browsing the internet on the go a regular occurrence.  This trend is spreading across all works of human endeavour and has led to increasing level of customer expectations.  The need for businesses to create a competitive advantage and meet customer expectations has now led to the increasing demand for same-day delivery service. Read more »

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London Tube Strike

You may have seen all over the news, heard from your friends or been unfortunate enough to be stuck in the middle of the strikes on your daily commute to and from work.  In case some how you managed to miss it – last week saw all 11 lines and 270 underground stations completely shut down as part of the tube strike affecting millions of people’s journeys to and from work. Read more »

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We are always keen to help our clients save money when possible especially when it comes to our expert industry. Have a look at some of our tips and tricks and see if you could change any of your daily habits or routines to increase your cars fuel efficiency.

Keep an eye on petrol promotions and loyalty schemesPound Sign

Many of us already have a keen eye watching the petrol prices fluctuate and try to fill our tanks when it’s at a low. However you could get it just as cheap all year round by using loyalty cards and making the most of promotions.
Most petrol stations run some form of loyalty scheme, whether you get a percentage of cashback or offers and tokens sent through to you it sometimes pays off to choose one place and stick with it to get the most for your money. Read more »